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Civa deliver printed circuits boards to the electronic industry in North Europe. The products come mainly from China, but prototypes and more complex boards are also delivered from Europe. Civa sell all types of printed circuit boards and we use PCB producers which match our customers.

Civa has a lot of experience in volume production. We deliver each year many millions PCB to the telecom industry. Civa was chosen as a supplier, because of excellent quality and reliable deliveries.

Civa is your natural partner in developing new products. We help you all the way from prototype to volume production. Our suppliers are market leader and supply the automobile, defence and telecom industry.

SMD Stencil
CAD format

HighTech PCB

  • Blind via
  • Buried via
  • 50µm Fine line
  • 100µm Microvia
  • Flex-Rigid PCB
  • Metal-Core PCB


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